ounds." CHAPTER XXVIII. VERA'S WARNING. Amongst her many friends, and in the keen enjoyment of the evening, Vera forgot her fears. She was young enough to appreciate to the full the joys of life. She was strong and vigorou

s, and most things pleased her. Besides, there was always the reflection that the gates would be closed to her before long. Once

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she had taken her fate in her own hands, and had gone into the world to get her living, there would be no more of this. A little longer and she would say goodbye to Lord Ravenspur and Walter. Of course, the wrench would be

a bitter one, for she was by no means blind to the hardships and privations of the poor. Still, she put that out of her mind

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In Motion

now. She was going to have a very pleasant evening, and by this time tomorrow she would be far away from the heat and dust and bustle of London. In her mind's eye she could see the yacht sliding over the water. She could see

the moon shining on the waves, and turning their-crests to molten silver. The big house was crowded to its utmost capacity,

t, Stevens,"

for Lady Ringmar was one of the most prominent of society women, and invitations to her entertainments were eagerly sought after. The rooms were filled. At the en

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d of the long corridor Vera caught a peep of the garden, all aglow with points of flame

from the electric lights entwined about the trees and shrubs. An hour or so passed

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